Restyled Christmas Decorations

Every year when I get my Christmas decorations out of storage and start sorting through them, I come across some that just don’t do it for me anymore!  Like this old sleigh that has a distinct ’80’s vibe to it.  Along with this rusty angel:

So I decided to give them an update.  The rusty angel, along with this pair of ugly coat hooks were going to be my guinea pigs for Dixie Belle’s Patina paint.

Since the angel and the coat hooks are metal they require a coat of metal primer before applying the Patina paint.  I used Rustoleum Rust Stop brown primer.  Then after the primer dried I applied a coat of Dixie Belle Patina Bronze, let it dry completely, and then apply a second coat.  While the second coat is still wet, apply the Dixie Belle Patina spray (I used the green one).

I used a lot of spray on my items, you can use less if you want some of the bronze to show through but I was going for a heavy patina look!

I love how both of these turned out!  So much so that I’m keeping the hooks!  They had more of a blue look whereas the angel looked kind of green.  She will go to my booth at Country Fair mall and hopefully will be a last-minute Christmas decor item for someone.

The sleigh was painted with Folk Art Home Decor Chalk in Castle, then dry brushed with white.  The runners were accented with metallic silver.  This color scheme works much better with my decor now!  Goodbye 1980’s 👋

Products used:

  • Dixie Belle Patina Paint Bronze
  • Dixie Belle Patina Spray Green
  • Rustoleum Rust Stop brown primer
  • Folk Art Home Decor Castle
  • Folk Art Home Decor Cottage White
  • Deco Art Metallic Paint Shimmering Silver

I’m so excited about the patina paint experiment because I wanted to try it out on this upcoming project:

Stay tuned to see how it turns out!  Thanks for stopping by!  Follow Flipped Her Lid on Facebook and Instagram 😺

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