Curt Reynolds – The laminate-top cabinet

Happy New Year everybody!  I thought I’d start the new year out with a flip!😉  This is the last of the four pieces of furniture I got when some family friends, Curt & Lisa, bought a house that had some old furniture left in the basement.  They generously offered the furniture to me, I just had to haul it away!  Curt, is a handsome, dark-haired guy and my niece jokingly calls him Curt Reynolds which I thought would be a great name for the cabinet!

This piece, like the others, was well built long ago from recycled wood by someone with some pretty good carpentry skills!  It still has a somewhat primitive look but is sturdy with a large storage area.  This would be great in a mudroom, laundry room, kitchen or even as a changing table in a nursery.

It looked a lot worse than it was.  The top was filthy and appeared to have rust stains.

There were some huge, heavy-duty bolts screwed into the bottom of this cabinet.I’m not sure if their purpose was to serve as adjustable feet or maybe just a way to keep the cabinet up off of a damp basement floor?   I removed them so they wouldn’t damage any floors.

I removed the stained vinyl flooring that covered the floor of the interior.   There were also some plywood vertical shelves that I removed to make more space.

I couldn’t believe how nice the top looked after just cleaning it with water and Dawn dish soap!  All the stains came out and it looked sparkly clean!  I cleaned the drawers and the interior and applied two coats of primer and then two coats of latex paint in Country White in an eggshell finish. I lined the bottom of the cabinet and both drawers with removable shelf liner.

On the exterior, after a good cleaning and light sanding, I used two coats of Rustoleum Chalked in a custom color I mixed using approximately a 50/50 mix of Serenity and Country Gray.  It resulted in a light gray color with a hint of blue, not too far off from the original color.  I finished the exterior with clear wax.

The knobs are original to the piece.  I cleaned them with soap and water and I touched up the knob bolts and the old vintage hinges with DecoArt Metallic Silver.

I thought about lightly distressing the edges but with the shiny metal trim and slick laminate top, I decided this cabinet looks better with a clean, freshly painted style.

Products used:

  • Rustoleum Chalked Serenity
  • Rustoleum Chalked Country Gray
  • Kilz Clear wax
  • Latex paint Country White
  • Decoart Metallic shimmering silver
  • Xancorp shelf liner (on Amazon) Faux Grasscloth Khaki

Thanks for stopping by, let me know what you think about Curt Reynolds!  Hope you all have a fantastic new year ahead 😊

Here is a sneak peek at an upcoming project:

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