Trash to Treasure Items

My brother Tim, makes these awesome lamps from repurposed pipes and junk he salvages!

He just started selling them and I was dying to take pictures and get them on the website!

Some of the parts are new, like the bulbs and some of the shades but for the most part, they are made from repurposed pipe, wire, hardware, and wood!

The extendable metal lamp was salvaged, rewired and attached to a wood base with a new switch.

Here are a few other items I repurposed:

I picked up this half-broken wrought iron and wood shelf at a yard sale a few years ago.  The shelf was about to fall off and two of the hooks were broken.  I removed the shelf and hooks, used Dixie Belle’s Metallic Patina paint on the wrought-iron grillwork and attached a succulent planter.

I sort of forgot to take a picture of this salvaged handmade toolbox that you can see in the background of the next image.

I repainted it, then finished it with antiquing wax and a skeleton key stencil.

The faux wood sign below used to be a dark brown clock.  Sorry, I have no before pic.  I think I bought it at hobby lobby several years ago.  It got knocked off the wall and broke and it sat in the basement until I came across it the other day and decided to give it a new life!  After gluing it back together, I removed the clock and filled the hole with wood filler.  I repainted it in a dark grey color with a whitewash and then both clear and dark wax finish.  The sign is made from leftover pieces of a design transfer.  A completely new look!

I hope you enjoyed my Trash to Treasure post!  These items, including Tim’s lamps, will all go to my booth #68 at  Country Fair Mall

Thanks for stopping by!

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