A Purple Dandelion Headboard

My neighbor asked me to paint this headboard for his granddaughter.  His granddaughter’s bedroom walls are purple and she wanted the headboard to be white with purple dandelions.  There wasn’t a lot of room to squeeze any dandelions on the top as it was, so the first thing I did was fill in the decorative groove with wood filler.  I sanded the old glossy paint just to give it enough tooth for the primer to adhere.  After the primer dried, I applied two coats of Rustoleum chalked in Linen White to the frame.

I had a dandelion stencil that was just a little too big but I made it work by turning the dandelions on their sides across the top piece.  I had a smaller stencil that sort of looked like dandelion heads so I added them randomly across the bottom piece.

I decided to jazz up the spindles with a pink and purple ombre look. I also stenciled her first initial in the center and added some glitter paint on that as well as the center section of the spindles for a little extra bling!  Sure hope she likes it!

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