Max – Two-Toned Chest

Max is a chest of drawers that my brother asked me to paint for him,  Max was dusty, scratched, and outdated.  Max is not a high-quality piece of furniture so keeping that in mind I just wanted to do something simple and inexpensive that would give him a fresh, updated look.  Read on to find out how I transformed him using only three products!

I removed the hardware and cleaned Max up with soap and water.  I lightly sanded with 220 grit paper by hand, just enough to give the paint something to adhere to.  I used latex flat finish paint in Tricorn black for the body of the dresser.  For the drawers, I used two coats of latex flat finish in Muslin Cloth.  When that had dried overnight I used Waverly Antique wax.  I painted it on and wiped it back to give it that aged appearance.  When that was dry and buffed out, I used the Tricorn Black to drybrush the drawers. 

The large round wooden knobs were salvaged from another project and were actually close enough in color to the drawers that all I had to do was drybrush some black on them!  Easy Peasy!

I love a quick, inexpensive flip that takes a dusty outdated piece of furniture and turns it into something you really want in your home!

Products used:

  • Latex flat finish paint in Tricorn Black
  • Latex flat finish paint in Muslin Cloth
  • Waverly wax Antique

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this quick flip!

One thought on “Max – Two-Toned Chest

  1. Your projects are so inspiring! I must have been busy when this post came out and I’m just appreciating it now. I love that you give new and beautiful life to items that are perfectly usable and just waiting for some love and creativity! This one was so sad looking before you started and I’m glad you gave it new life. The color combo is stunning and modern and the knobs you used go perfectly. Great job harmonizing the color with drybrush! Anything that speaks renewal during these crazy and often depressing last two years is a balm for the spirit. Thank you Laurie!

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