Belle – A Vintage Tea (Wine) Table

When I found this old tea table, piled with treasures and jammed into the back of a booth at my favorite antique mall, I thought I’d snagged a great deal. It wasn’t until after I got it home that I realized one edge on the tabletop was broken off!  The other three sides have a detailed edge and it was apparent that the edge on the one side had broken off at some point.  I was pretty disappointed and kicked myself for not paying closer attention before I bought it. I think if used with the flat side against a wall, the missing piece of the top will not be that noticeable. I loved the graceful legs and the unique leaf appliques at each corner that I knew would really pop with some paint to bring out the details.

I’ve had a Hokus Pokus design transfer that I’ve been wanting to use and this table seemed like just the right piece for it.  The design is a portion of a transfer called L’Horlage.  It has a French wine and spirits wording with a floral motif.  I decided my little tea table is going to be a French wine table instead!  😉

I painted the base and legs with Home Decor Chalk paint in Sage Shadow. On the tabletop, I used Dixie Belle Dropcloth.  After I applied the design transfer, I sealed the top with Rustoleum Chalked Clear Matte. Then, I dry brushed all of the tabletop edges, legs, and details with Home Decor Chalk paint in Rich Black.  I sealed everything with another coat of Clear Matte.

I can see two friends sharing a glass of wine and conversation at this cute little table on a shady back porch.

Cheers to Belle! 🥂

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