Forest – Oak Chair Plant Stand

What to do with an old oak dining chair that’s missing its cane seat?

Turn it into a unique, vintage plant stand! This was actually a very simple flip. I love the detail on the back of this chair, and rather than cover it up with paint, I chose to keep the original look and just clean it up a bit.

I started by scraping the remaining cane away around the opening on the seat. After lightly hand sanding the entire chair, I used simple green to give it a thorough cleaning. There was one dark stain on the detailed section that did not come out but I like to call those imperfections “character”. After it had dried completely, I applied Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax in Black to bring out the detail and give the wood some luster while allowing the worn, vintage appeal to remain. I found an old terra cotta pot in the garage that fit the opening perfectly. I guess it’s pretty obvious my vine is fake! 🤭 I just use it for staging and I didn’t want to buy a real one that I would have to try to keep alive afterward.

I thought it looked pretty amazing with this vintage look terrarium From Hobby Lobby.

It could also be used to hold a stack of vintage books or an old camera collection. This chair would be great for seasonal displays too! I dug out some of my Fall and Christmas decor to stage the images below. I’m almost tempted to keep this chair but sadly, I do not have enough room in my small house to keep all of my projects!

Forest is another one of the pieces I rescued from a friend’s burn pile. Now, this little beauty can brighten up someone’s home again as a unique decor piece!

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