Faux Fireplace Update


I originally posted this faux fireplace on my other blog:  runningdownmydreams.com  Since then, I’ve made a few changes so I thought I would repost some pics here on my new DIY site to see what you think.

I ended up adding a border, using 3″ pine boards painted in a neutral tone.  Unfortunately, the rustic fence boards I used for the mantel were not all exactly the same length so there are some gaps here and there between the border and the fence boards which I don’t really like.

When I first started the project I wanted to mount the fireplace on the wall but the instructions said it needed to be mounted to studs and if I had done that it would not have been centered on the mantel.  So at the time, I settled for putting the feet on the fireplace and setting it on a barn wood riser I built, that sat on the floor at the base of the mantel.  Later, I did end up mounting the fireplace to the wall (not to studs) but used some anchors to make it a little more secure.  Now it sits up higher and easier to see when I’m relaxing on the couch.

I use two barn boards at the base of the mantel, sometimes propped up on something to make a step or bench and sometimes laid flat on the floor like the pic above.  The row of trees is something I found at Gordman’s and it consists of a 4′ long 2 x 4 with holes drilled into it and tree branches glued into it!  Probably another project you could do yourself easily enough but I got this one at half price for $20.  It helps hide the electrical cord and outlet that the fireplace plugs into.

So what do you think of the changes?  Did I ruin it with the border?  The photo below is what it looked like without the border.

1202161818_HDR (2)

This is the link to the original post on my other site in case you’d like to see how I completed this project: Faux Fireplace

2 thoughts on “Faux Fireplace Update

    1. I agree Laurie! I actually updated the fireplace again last spring. I took the border off and swapped out the barnboard shelf with a shelf that matches the rest of the wood. Then it all got white washed. Looks much better! Thanks for your input!


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