Wilma – The Vintage Side Table


I went to my first estate sale the other day.  In all my years of combing through flea markets, yard sales and antique stores, I had never made it to an estate sale!  Luckily a family member was having this sale otherwise I might never have known how interesting they are!  And I would not have happened upon this cute little side table I named Wilma (after her previous owner).  She was missing her two cabinet doors and was a little dinged up.  I was not a big fan of the super glossy finish or the wheels but I could I envision this as a cute little nightstand or side table.

The manufacturer’s mark inside the drawer is Northern Furniture Company, Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  I did a little research and learned that this piece would have been manufactured between 1904 and 1949.

I sanded the top in hopes of being able to stain it but there were several spots where someone had used wood putty to fill in holes and I decided it would look better painted rather than stained.  I gave Wilma a thorough cleaning, patched the holes from the missing cabinet doors, and removed the ugly wheels.

I forgot to seal the top after sanding it but luckily there was no bleed-through from the old stain.  I painted the table in three coats of Rustoleum White Linen chalk paint and lightly distressed the edges.  I swapped out the boring wood knobs with some metal knobs that I had on hand in my junk box.   Those also got painted with White Linen and distressed.  I lined the drawer with scrapbook paper tacked down with double-sided tape.

So, meet the new Wilma!  Let me know how you like her and feel free to share on Pinterest!

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