Lucky – The Potting Bench


Bring a little of the outdoors in with this vintage boho style potting bench.  It would be a great addition to any potting shed, back porch or sunroom!

I wanted to break out of my boring neutral paint color trend and try a bright color on this piece.  It was a light shade of green when I got it so I thought maybe just a brighter green would be pretty for this Lucky little bench.  I’m not sure if it was used as a workbench or what its original purpose was, but I’m calling it a potting bench!  When the small drawer pulls out it is only about half the width of the tabletop so you wouldn’t be able to store much in there.

I’ve been wanting to try a rub on transfer for a while now and I thought this would be the perfect piece to try one on.  I ordered a Prima Redesign transfer called Boho Birds and Butterflies that I found on Etsy.  It’s definitely colorful!  I thought the bright colors were perfect for Lucky!

The original paint was chipping pretty bad on the top but the rest of the paint looked to be in good shape.  After a good sanding and cleaning, I applied a coat of primer on the top to make sure the new paint would adhere.  I Chose Rustoleum Chalked Green Sprout as the base coat and then I added a couple of accent colors, Home Decor Chalk Grotto and Summer Porch, using a water mister and a paintbrush to blend both into the Green Sprout.   After that had dried my inner flower-child must have been speaking to me because I used Grotto again to stencil some “flower power” as a backdrop for the colorful butterflies from the transfer.  The colors and the flowers kept reminding me of Scooby Doo’s Mystery Van!

I chose to use only the butterflies from the transfer since the whole design would have been a lot of decoration for this small piece of furniture.  Plus, since I had never used a transfer before, the butterflies were small and easier to work with than using the whole transfer.  I can save the rest for another project.

I did some light distressing and then applied a smoked glaze to age the paint.  I finished it with two coats of Rustoleum Matte Clear to protect against spills.  The top of this bench is made of plywood so I would not recommend it for outdoor use.  It has been sealed to protect the finish but would probably not withstand the weather.

Products Used:

  • Zinsser grey primer
  • Rustoleum Chalked Green Sprout
  • Home Decor Chalk Grotto
  • Home Decor Chalk Summer Porch
  • Flower stencil
  • Prima Redesign Boho Bird & Butterflies Transfer
  • Rustoleum Smoked Glaze
  • Rustoleum Clear Matte Topcoat

Thanks for stopping by and please let me know what you think of Lucky!  Did I get a little too crazy???

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