Emma – The Farmhouse Cupboard


Emma is a unique, handmade vintage cupboard.  Whoever built this cupboard was ahead of his time by using reclaimed wood on most of this piece.  I thought it was the perfect candidate for a farmhouse look.

After some minor repairs, hole patching, sanding, and a thorough cleaning, the interior was ready for two coats of stain blocking primer.  I used two coats of Rustoleum Chalked White Satin in the bottom section and lightly distressed.

For the top section, I used a custom color for the back and side panels of the interior that was a mixture of White Satin with a splash of Home Decor Summer Porch blended in.  Summer Porch is a bright sunny yellow and was a little too bright on its own but blended with the white satin it made a nice soft buttery yellow.  I used the White Satin for the trim and shelves and lightly distressed.

The exterior of the cupboard needed a good sanding and cleaning.  I cut the panels out of the top two doors so I could replace them with chicken wire.  I gave the entire exterior a grey wash using Rustoleum Country grey, thinned out with water.  I wanted to try using real milk paint since I have never tried it before, the kind that comes as a powder and you mix it with water.  I’ve heard that it will sometimes chip off in places giving the appearance of naturally aged paint.  I used Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Farmhouse White.  The packet said it would make a quart of paint and should cover an average sized hutch.  I mixed it according to the instructions on the package and was a little nervous because it didn’t look like a quart of paint.  (not wild about the smell either 🤢).  I was hoping it would chip off here and there allowing the Country Grey to show through.  It didn’t chip on its own though, I had to “help” it with a paint scraper and sandpaper.  I was happy with the end result but not sure I’m a big fan of milk paint in general.  It was expensive and I barely had enough paint to get two coats on the exterior front and sides of the cupboard.  By the time I got around to the last side on the second coat, I was adding water and crossing my fingers it would cover good enough that I wouldn’t have to order another package!  After distressing the milk paint I lightly sanded the whole exterior to smooth out the rough feel of the milk paint.  Every time I wiped down the dust from sanding with a damp rag the smell of rotten milk filled the air!  After I finished distressing it, I sealed it with Rustoleum clear matte sealer so no worries about the odor anymore!  I spray painted the chicken wire white before attaching it to the top doors of the cupboard.


Thanks for stopping by and please let me know what you think of Emma!  If you’d like to see some of my other projects you can find Flipped Her Lid on Facebook and Instagram 😊

Products used:

  • Zinsser B.I.N. primer grey
  • Rustoleum Chalked White Satin
  • Rustoleum Chalked Country Grey
  • Rustoleum Chalked Clear Matte Sealer
  • Home decor Summer Porch
  • Miss Mustard Seed milk paint Farmhouse White


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