Ringo – The Mid-Mod Chest

Ringo is a cute little chest of drawers that a friend of mine picked up at a yard sale for me this Spring.  He’s not a solid wood dresser, just a cheaper version of a mid-mod dresser made of laminated particleboard, but so cute!  He has that 60’s vibe for sure!  I thought he would be a quick, inexpensive flip! 😆  Are those even real?  I can say that has never happened to me.  There is always an unexpected problem that either takes a bunch of extra work or money… or both!

When I first saw Ringo, I thought he was yellow but no, he was actually white that had yellowed from cigarette smoke.  After a good scrubbing with Krud Kutter, I used B.I.N. shellac to seal the inside and outside of the dresser in hopes of killing the smell.  It added a bit more work and time than I wanted to spend on this project and it did not completely eliminate the smell either!

I used two coats of Fusion Park Bench on the outside.  Since Fusion doesn’t require a topcoat I at least saved myself that step!  The drawer pulls were painted with Rustoleum Metallic accents in Soft Gold.

The drawers all work like new!  I cut some white and gold gift wrap to line them.    I’ll be selling this little cutie at my booth at Country Fair Mall in Coal Valley, IL.

I have to thank my sister for the macrame wall hanging that provided the perfect backdrop for the staging.  It even has strands of gold metallic thread running through that really pulled everything together but unfortunately, I couldn’t pick up on those with my camera.

Thanks for stopping by!  Look for Flipped Her Lid on Instagram!  Here’s a sneak peek at my next project:


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