Tailor – The Vintage Sewing Table

Tailor is another roadside find my brother brought to me.  Unfortunately, I lost the “before” pics so I found a photo on google that looks pretty close to what I started with.

The lid served as a work area when sewing, the opening in the top is where a sewing machine used to be.  My original plan was to find a tub to fill in the opening and turn Tailor into a cute little patio cooler that you could fill with ice and cold drinks, using the lid as a table to hold the glasses.  I never found a tub to fit the opening and eventually, I decided to glue the lid closed and turn Tailor into a side table.

After gluing the lid down, I used spackle to fill in the gap between the lid and the top of the table, smoothing it with a putty knife.  I applied a primer just to prevent any bleed through from the original stain and then two coats of Folk Art Home Decor French Linen.  After that was dry I added some stripes to the sides in Folk Art H.D. Cottage White, using blue painters tape as a guide for the width of the stripes.

I used a dandelion stencil on the top and sealed the whole table in Rustoleum clear matte sealer.

The hardware was primed and then coated in Cottage White and accented with black wax.

This one is for sale at my booth at Country Fair Mall in Coal Valley.

Products Used:

  • B.I.N. Primer
  • DAP Spackle
  • Folk Art Home Decor Chalk French Linen
  • Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Cottage White
  • Rustoleum Clear Matte Sealer
  • Blue painters tape
  • Deco Art Stencil – Dandelion

Check back soon for this upcoming project:

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