The Ginger Hill Tea Table


Ginger Hill is a nearby neighborhood where I was out for a run one morning and came upon a yard sale with several small tables for sale.  One of which was this charming antique tea table.  I cut my run short and headed back home for my money and my car!  I actually bought two small tables for $10 each.  The tea table probably at one time had some type of tray attached to the top or some kind of veneer that was now missing but I loved the design on the sides and it seemed in good condition.

I sanded the top and applied Dixie Belle Voodoo gel stain in Tobacco Road. It was obvious that something had once been glued to the edge, there was discoloration that could not be sanded out so staining would not be an option for the edge.  I decided I wanted to add some trim of some kind.  I got online to look at Woodubend products and instead ended up with this Resinart product.  I have never used this type of trim, it felt sort of rubbery and I had no idea if it was going to work or not!  I glued it down using clamps along the curves of the table.  I had to cut it to fit it around the corners and let me tell you it looked disastrous at that point!  After the glue dried I thought for sure I had ruined the whole table with that trim but I used wood putty to fill in the gaps around the corners and it ended up looking okay after it got painted.  Whew!  Me and my big ideas!  😬

On the sides I layered paint starting with a black base coat, making sure I got it into all the grooves of the design.  Next, I dry-brushed with a custom color using some paint I had on hand.  I used Rustoleum Patina as the base combined with Home Decor Nautical blue.  It made a deep blue- teal color.  I sealed the stained top with clear matte sealer and waxed the sides and legs with clear wax.  I finished with copper Rub n Buff to highlight and add some interest.

Products used:

  • Dixie Belle Voodoo Gel Stain – Tobacco Road
  • ResinArt Flexible Trim Moulding
  • Folk Art Home Decor Chalk – Rich Black
  • Rustoleum Chalked – Patina
  • Folk Art Home Decor Chalk – Nautical
  • Rustoleum Chalked clear matte sealer
  • Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax – Clear
  • Rub-n-Buff – Copper

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