Ariel – The Vintage Side Table


Ariel was one of two tables I bought at a yard sale earlier this year.  I thought $10 was a bargain for a vintage, solid wood table with drawers.  Other than some minor scratches on the top and some stains in the drawers, Ariel was in good condition.

This is Ariel after her flip, what do you think?

I sanded the top of the table to smooth out some of the deeper scratches.  The legs and sides were in really good shape so I lightly sanded before applying a primer to the entire table.  I applied a raised stencil design on the top section of the front legs, next to the drawers.  I decided to go with flat latex paint in a gorgeous deep teal color.  For the bottom section of the legs, I used a tan base coat with metallic gold over that.  Since the interior of the drawers was so stained, I primed and then used latex flat in a grey-green color.  I lined the drawers with teal and gold fish-scale paper.

I discovered that Ariel’s wooden knobs were not attached with screws.  Someone had filled in the original hardware holes with wood filler and then glued the wood knobs on to the drawer fronts. I popped those wood knobs off and drilled new holes for some slightly more glamourous knobs I found at Hobby Lobby.

Ariel was a diamond in the rough!  I love her long legs and her fresh new look

Products used:

  • Zinsser B.I.N. Primer
  • Sherwin Williams – Sonoran Teal
  • Valspar – Northern Juniper
  • Kilz – Raw Wood
  • Folk Art craft paint – Metallic Antique Gold
  • DAP spackle
  • knobs – Hobby Lobby
  • fish-scale paper – Hobby Lobby

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