Annie & Mazie



I restyled these two gorgeous nightstands for a friend that wanted a lighter, fresher look that would tie in with her other furniture.  She lives in an authentic old farmhouse, complete with beautiful antiques and rustic farmhouse decor.  She has a neat old barn, a chicken coop full of chickens, and several pets, two of which are named Annie and Mazie!  So I had my names for the two nightstands!

This is Annie and Mazie after their update (the nightstands not the animals).

Annie & Mazie Main

This was my first time restyling a piece for someone else.  I was pretty nervous about choosing the right color and while I was painting I kept wondering what I would do if she didn’t like them when I was finished. 

These are really nice Drexel Heritage nightstands.  They are super heavy and I could not for the life of me figure out how to get the drawers out so they were interesting to work on. 🙃

I used Waverly chalk paint in a color called Cashew.  I wet distressed, allowing some of the old finish to show through.  I finished it with Waverly Antique wax, applied with a soft cloth, misting and blending to achieve the look of old paint.  I followed up with a clear wax finish.  There was one broken handle you can see in the before pic and I was lucky enough to find a match on Etsy for $12 including shipping!

Annie & Mazie 1

I lined the inside of the drawers with craft paper in a vintage-look black and white diamond pattern.

Annie & Mazie 2

I think Annie & Mazie’s new look will be perfect in their vintage country home!  I hope their owner thinks so too 😉.

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