Emmylou – A sweet little vanity

My sister generously donated this vanity to Flipped Her Lid. I love when people think of me when they are getting rid of furniture! 🥰 This piece was probably from the ’90s and has a very slick, glossy, laminate over a pressed wood base. Not the highest quality furniture and only about 30 years vintage but still in really good condition! I forgot to take a pic until I had scuff-sanded it so the image doesn’t show it, but it was super glossy!

This is Emmylou after her transformation:

Products used:

  • Zinsser Bonds adhesion primer
  • Pittsburgh Paints – latex/flat finish in Earthy Ocher
  • Valspar Ultra – latex/flat finish in Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black
  • Varathane water-based stain in Dark Walnut
  • Waverly chalk finish in Plaster
  • Rustoleum Chalked sealer in Matte clear
  • DecoArt chalky finish in Vintage
  • drawer pull from Hobby Lobby

I removed the old drawer pull and filled in the holes with wood filler. I lightly sanded the entire vanity by hand with 220 grit and then used an adhesion primer. I allowed that to dry overnight before the next step.

For the top, I started with two coats of Earthy Ocher. I chose latex paint for a couple reasons, but mostly because I can get latex paint in any color I want. I try to find tan colors that mimic the look of wood and those colors are hard to find in Chalk paint and quite a bit more expensive!

When that had dried, I used Tricorn Black to create the woodgrain/knot hole look. I use an inexpensive chip brush, dipped in black, and then dabbed on a rag to take off some of the paint. I lightly drag the brush across the top in one direction. With a smaller chip brush, again with barely any paint on the brush, I twist the brush in a small circular motion to create a knothole. Then I drag the larger chip brush through it to blend it in.

After the black has completely dried, I wait at least 8 hours, I apply the stain. I used a water-based stain applied with a brush and wiped back with a damp sponge or rag. It leaves just enough stain on the surface to add some depth and age to the tan paint.

After the stain dried overnight I used chalk paint to create a whitewashed look. I just dip my brush in water and then into the chalk paint and paint the entire top surface of the vanity. I use a damp sponge to wipe back, leaving just a wash of white. You can do two coats if you want a heavier whitewash, I liked the look of this one with just one coat.

For the bottom portion of the vanity, I used two coats of chalk finish paint in a color called Vintage. It’s kind of a dusty grey-blue color. Very vintage-ish! When that was dry, I used the chalk paint in Black on a sponge brush along the edges of the legs and drawers for a lightly distressed look. I drilled a new hole in the drawer for the new drawer pull. I painted the inside and outside of the drawer with Ocher and stenciled the sides of the drawers in Plaster. I lined the drawers with paper stuck down with double-sided tape for easy removal.

I finished the entire piece with clear matte sealer.

Emmylou would make a great writing desk, entry table, or vanity. Let me know what you think of Emmylou’s transformation!

2 thoughts on “Emmylou – A sweet little vanity

  1. OMG I love it and the depth of color layers and skill involved in creating it. I’m especially impressed with the way you create the tabletop color. And it always “sells” me when I see inside drawers with a perk! Thx for sharing this inspiration.

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