Luna – A Vintage Dresser

I found this vintage dresser on Marketplace for $65.  I love the claw feet!  It’s a solid wood dresser and the drawers still work great.  It had some damaged spots and the only original hardware is the round metal knobs on the top row of drawers.  The pulls on the lower drawers were missing and had been replaced with some wooden knobs screwed into one of the holes for the pulls.  I still thought it was a pretty good deal!

My favorite part of any project is deciding what I want to do with it!  The first step with Luna after removing the knobs was repairing the drawer with the chunk missing off the corner.


I used card stock, cut in strips, and taped it to the drawer to form a mold around that corner of the drawer.  I mixed up some Bondo wood filler to fill in the mold.  I used what was left of the batch of Bondo to fill in some other little chips in the drawers.  I also filled in some of the hardware holes since I had decided I would use knobs rather than pulls which usually require two holes and must have been what was originally on the dresser.  After the Bondo dried, I removed my paper mold and was delighted to see the now perfect corner on that drawer!

luna 1

I sanded the old finish off since it was kind of crusty and I worried the paint wouldn’t go on smooth if I didn’t.  I decided to go with Tricorn black for the exterior.  For the interior of the drawers, I used a primer first and then two coats of Moonglo, a pale blue.

I kept the original knobs on the top row of drawers, I just scrubbed them with Barkeepers cleanser to shine them up.  They don’t even look like the same knobs!  I purchased eight new knobs from Hobby Lobby for the lower drawers.  If you get the knobs half-price they aren’t too expensive!  I think the ones I chose for this project were $2.49 each.


Products used:

  • Bondo wood filler
  • Zinsser BIN 123 primer
  • Latex satin finish in Tricorn Black
  • Latex flat finish in Moonglo
  • 8 knobs Hobby Lobby

Luna before and after:

luna 6

You would never know those top drawers had big chips out of the corners.  Let me know what you think of Luna’s transformation!  Thanks for stopping by! ☺️

luna 3

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