Stella – Antique Side Table

This was a really fun project to work on, partly because it is such a beautiful piece and partly because I got it for free! A guy at work asked me if I would be interested in some antique oak furniture he was getting rid of…

When my brother and I arrived at the house to load up the furniture we were greeted with kisses and wags from Stella! She was out frolicking in the snow but kept checking back with us in case we were running low on wags! I decided Stella would be a great name for this project!

Stella (the table) was in really good shape considering her age. She is also the perfect candidate for a vintage farmhouse style update that would work wonderfully with my home decor! 😉 I’m guessing the top may have gotten damp and buckled slightly where the seams meet. It looks like someone had driven some finish nails in from the top, maybe to help keep it from spreading any further apart. The finish had also been removed from the top at some point. The legs had a dark mahogany stain and the original porcelain wheels.

Here she is with her make-over! I know not everybody is a fan of the grungy distressed look and if I was intending to sell this one I might have taken a different route but as soon as I saw this table I knew I’d probably be keeping it for myself! 😁 She fits in perfectly with my living room decor!

The first step was vacuuming the dust and spider nests from the underside! Then, a thorough cleaning with TSP substitute. I sanded the top with my orbital sander but the legs were in pretty good shape and only needed a light hand sanding.

After the table was clean and dry, I put two coats of shellac on the legs to prevent any bleed through from the mahogany stain. I used three colors on the legs to create the illusion of layers of fading, chipping paint.  I used a block of wood dipped in espresso to faux distress along the edges.

On the top, I used a water-based stain by Dixie Belle called Tobacco Road followed by a matte clear coat.

The vintage cream can I used to stage the photos was a great find at the local antique mall. The Old Mill Ice Cream Company was a local business in Davenport, Iowa that my dad worked for when he first moved here from Ohio as a young man. He was serving ice cream at a wedding for one of the Old Mill employees when he met my mom, who was serving cake! I love antiques but especially if they hold special meaning and this old cream can certainly does for me!

Thanks for stopping by, let me know what you think of Stella (the dog or the table)!


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