Pup Bench


To be honest, I didn’t know exactly what this piece of furniture was when I got it.  It came with that group of oak furniture I got for free last month.  Is it one of those entryway benches?  It’s small enough that it wouldn’t be very comfortable for an adult to sit on so I thought maybe it was intended for children?

Anyway, I was browsing on Etsy one day when I came across this adorable Hokus Pokus design transfer called “A dog’s life”.  I thought it might just work perfectly on the mystery bench!  I ordered from:  Red Barn Boutique it shipped the very next day!

After I cleaned the bench, I popped off the decorative wood applique on the front (saved for use on another project).  I wanted the front  surface nice and smooth for my design transfer.  I tacked a few more nails into the loose back panel and filled in the tiny holes from the applique with wood putty.  I applied a coat of shellac to seal in any stains and two coats of primer since I was planning on using a light base color.  After two coats of a Sherwin Williams color called Navajo White it was really starting to come together.

I selected some of the accent colors from the design transfer for the interior and the spindles.  I just used the Navajo White and some acrylic craft paint I had on hand to custom blend some shades of purple.

This bench would be so cute in a kids room for storing books and small toys. 

It would also make a great place to store your pet food, leashes and pet supplies. 

With a comfy cushion it would made a great place for a cat nap!  C.C. was happy to pose with her mouse as long as I kept a steady flow of treats coming her way! 

Thanks for stopping by, I’d love to know what you think of the Pup Bench!

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