Dining table flip

I’ve been wanting a new dining room table for quite a while.  I think I ordered this one from Walmart when I first moved into my house.  I never liked the dark espresso color but the size was perfect for my eat-in kitchen.  I figured it would hold me over until I could afford to get something nicer.  Over the years, I’ve looked for a real wooden table that I could replace it with but never found anything I liked.  I finally decided to try painting this one.  It was a cheap set, the top is made of particleboard covered with a veneer so I had no idea how well a paint job would even hold up.  It doesn’t get much use, I rarely eat at the table anyway so I went ahead and painted it!

How do you think it turned out?  I really like it!  The neutral tones blend in with my decor much better!

Painting a table and chairs, especially the chairs, is challenging to say the least!  The fronts, backs, and sides of those chair legs, and the slats on the backrest… ugh!  Each chair felt like it took an eternity!  I lightly sanded everything first.  I decided to skip the primer just because I didn’t feel like it!  That was a big no-no and I knew it but I also knew it was going to be so time-consuming I just didn’t want to add that extra step.  So, I started with a base coat in Earthy Ocher on the table.  The second coat of Earthy was blended with random streaks of Cold Espresso blended in.  When that had dried completely I used Antique wax, brushed on and rubbed in with a soft rag, to darken it and give it the look of stained wood.  I dry-brushed black on top to give it a textured, vintage woodgrain feel.  Then I completed all those steps on each chair.  😩

I love how different a piece of furniture can look with just a few coats of paint!  There were a couple of places where I got a little heavy-handed with the black dry brushing but it didn’t matter that much to me because I was keeping this for myself and besides, I think it adds to the rustic, vintage look!  I sealed it with a few coats of clear matte sealer.

I’m pretty happy with the results!  I’m curious to see how well it holds up!  This kept me busy over a long holiday weekend when it was too icy to go anywhere!

Let me know what you think! Happy New Year everybody☺️

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